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Medical cooperation with Asian countries-Support Indonesia for development of department of medicine
New infections, such as SARS and Bird influenza have no border, then we need an international collaboration. For this purposes, our hospital founded Division of Asian Medical Cooperation in April,2005. Three medical doctors and three clerks are working in this division. The director is Dr.Koichiro Muta. They are striving three projects. First, they are supporting Indonesia to establish department of medicine and health science for national Islamic University. This project is supported by ODA, Japan Bank for International Cooperation(JBIC), Dr.Muta surveyed the medical circumstance of Indonesia and advised to overcome lacks of medical specialists in rural area, design educational curriculum, develop fellowship program for teaching staffs in Japan and empower regional medical service plans. Second, They are preparing volunteer interpretation service for several Asian languages to help Asian patients in our hospital. Third, they are preparing an IT system for distant conference among Asian countries.

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