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ex) Medical Sciences
A bridge between regional medical institutions and Kyushu University Hospital
An inpatient is served by the center for community health networking in many aspect including from admission and discharge in our hospital. Services are started when a patient is registered as a candidate of inpatient. Prior to the admission, the center estimates the status of medical and social conditions and designs a proper service plan for the patient. On the day of admission, the patient is accommodated by a stuff of the center at the reception desk. The stuff guides the patient to his ward, and helps the patient to start a hospital life. During the admission, the stuff designs a rehabilitation and common life plan to consult with the attending doctor. The stuff selects a suitable introducing doctor from the regional area where the patient lives in. The director, Prof. Jun-ichi Kira, is intending to mature the center as a bridge for each patient between regional medical institutions and our hospital.

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