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Dendritic cell-based vaccine : immune surveillance architecture therapy
We propose that tumors discovered in a clinical setting are already in the world of immune tolerance. In order to induce powerful antitumor immunity, therefore, we will have to develop a new immune surveillance system in the body. For this purpose, we selected dendritic cells (DCs) and lymphocytes as commander and special forces, respectively. Briefly, we first generate DCs from patient’s peripheral blood and then send patient’s cancer information into DCs. These tumor cell-pulsed DCs (commander) are returned into the patient to generate tumor killing lymphocytes in the body (DC vaccine). Thereafter, we collect tumor killing lymphocytes from peripheral blood and expand them to a large number of cells. These activated killer lymphocytes (special forces) are also returned into the patient. We named this combination therapy of commander and special forces “ immune surveillance architecture therapy”. In this therapy, we can use other patient’s tumor cells instead of self tumor cells. Since this therapy itself is relatively complicated, Dr. Katano is bringing young doctors up as special doctors authorized by his department. Dr. Katano is holding a semi-closed seminar (DC-based immunotherapy meeting) for talking about immunotherapy performed in Kyushu University. Doctors of 11 departments are now participating in this meeting for forming a specialized group aiming at new immonotherapy development of departure from Kyushu University.

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