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<Tastes of Our Campus> series 1 "His living room was an information salon"
Prof. Inokichi Kubo established many achievements in otolalyngology in 1903-1930,and was a famous poet and butterfly collector. His wife, Yorie, was also a famous poet. Souseki Natsume and Siki Masaoka lived in her grandfather's house, and they dandled her in her childhood. Yorie was educated by these famous poets. The living room of Mr. And Mrs. Kubo was a salon for many poets such as Byakurenn Yanagihara. Prof. Kubo treated Taisuke Itagaki and Takashi Nagatsuka. Nagatsuka was treated for 5 years until his die. A stone monument inscribed with his tanka is built on the site of the ward.

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