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Oh so simple: Eight genes enough to convert mouse stem cells into oocyte-like cells
Mechanism underlying dynamic scaling properties observed in the contour of spreading epithelial mo…
MAVS is energized by Mff which senses mitochondrial metabolism via AMPK for acute antiviral immunity
Trans fats linked to increased risk of dementia
Regulation of non-coding RNA contributes to the complete cessation of cell proliferation of …
Winning JBC/ Herbert Tabor Young Investigator Award- Assistant Professor Takashi Baba
Seiji Naito,The Professor and Chairman of the Department of Urology, Awarded EAU Honorary Membership
An information system for diabetes melitus management between home doctors and specialists
Glucose intolerance is a risk factor for Alzheimer’s disease
Development of drugs for prion diseases
A new chapter: the Department of Biomedical Science at the School of Medicine
Oxidative stress-induced intestinal tumorigenesis in mice with a targeted disruption
Our medical library serves medical information to patients
A skipping to Ph.D.course in our medical school
in vivo patch-clamp method
The fourth wave of research about mitochondria DNA
Finding a new receptor leading to the prevention of asthma bronchitis
The double braking system in the parasympathetic neural control of airway smooth muscle.
Aim at a new drug preventing arteriosclerosis

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