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セミナー第110回先端医工学セミナー【フランス・レンヌ大学 Pierre Jannin先生】

  • [開催日時]2017年5月23日(火)16:00-
  • [開催場所]West Wing 3階
  • [対象]
5月23日(火) 16時より第110回先端医工学セミナーを開催いたします。

今回は、フランス・レンヌ大学のPierre Jannin先生をお招きし、
「Surgical Skill Analysis and Modeling」と題してご講演を賜ります。




Title: Surgical Skill Analysis and Modeling

With about 250 millions of surgical procedures worldwide per year, surgical quality is a crucial societal issue. Increasing surgical quality may occur through the whole perioperative process from diagnosis, strategy decision, planning, performance and post-operative evaluation, as well as through initial and continuous learning. Computer assistance is required at each step. Computer assisted surgery includes providing the surgeon with information about the patient, as well as facilitating his/her job with ergonomical systems and instruments with some levels of automation.
In this presentation, I will present how such objectives can be addressed by studying and modeling surgical skills. I will illustrate such approach by examples covering different aspects of surgical skills from technical to non-technical ones. Finally, I will present a recent project where a surgical simulation system is developed for evaluating and training procedural skills based on an interactive and collaborative virtual reality environment.


場所:West Wing 3階 内視鏡外科手術トレーニングセンター講義室