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セミナー第754生医研セミナー【The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology Prof. Danny Leung】

  • [開催日時]2017年11月28日(火)16:00-17:00
  • [開催場所]本館1階 会議室
  • [対象]

下記の通り、香港科技大学のDanny Leung先生によるセミナーを開催致します。講演

演題: Epigenetic regulation of non-coding DNA in development and diseases
        【Seminar in English】
演者: Prof. Danny Leung
        Division of Life Science, The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Hong Kong, China
日時: 2017年11月28日(火) Nov. 28 (Tue), 2017
場所: 病院キャンパス 生体防御医学研究所本館1階 会議室
Seminar room, Main Building 1F, Medical Institute of Bioregulation
No.26 building on the following linked map.

While the genome encodes the blueprint for mammalian development, it is the epigenome that allows this code to be interpreted uniquely by each cell-type. Deciphering the epigenome will reveal insights into a plethora of biological processes. Our research focuses on epigenetic mechanisms that regulate transcription of non-coding DNA sequence. Using high-throughput genomic techniques, we generated extensive profiles of epigenetic modifications, gene expression, and chromatin conformation for various cell-types. We discovered unique characteristics and roles of non-coding elements in shaping the gene expression networks important for distinct cell-type identity and function. Specifically, we aim to delineate the contributions of endogenous retroviruses, a class of repetitive genomic sequences, in normal developmental programs as well as disease states such as cancer.

1. Leung et al. Integrative analysis of haplotype-resolved epigenomes across human tissues. Nature 518, 350-354 (2015) 2. Leung et al. Regulation of DNA methylation turnover at LTR retrotransposons and imprinted loci by the histone methyltransferase Setdb1.
PNAS 111, 6690-6695 (2014)

連絡先: Division of Epigenomics and Development, MIB, Hiroyuki SASAKI