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セミナー第761回生医研セミナー【ジョージア大学 伊藤先生】

  • [開催日時]2018年1月29日(月)14:30-15:30
  • [開催場所]生医研 本館1階 会議室
  • [対象]


演題:Don't misbehave: reprogramming cell fates in the regulation of stem cells and cancer(Seminar in English)

演者:伊藤 貴浩 先生 Takahiro Ito, Ph.D.
        ジョージア大学 生化学分子生物学部 助教授
        Assistant Professor
        University of Georgia, Department of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology

日時:平成30年1月29日(月) 14:30~15:30

場所:病院キャンパス 生体防御医学研究所 本館1階 会議室
        Seminar Room, Main Building 1F,
        Medical Institute of Bioregulation

Stem cells and cancer share a characteristic ability of self-renewal, which is essential for long-term maintenance of both cell types in vivo. Similar to a hierarchy of stem
and progenitor cells in normal tissues, many types of tumors are maintained by a population of self-renewing cancer cells while the bulk of the tumor is consisted of
more differentiated cells with no or limited renewal activity. The self-renewing cancer cells, or tumor-initiating cells, are often resistant to conventional therapies and
thereby mediate tumor relapse and provide a basis for cancer progression. Because the ability to self-renew is modulated via cell fate decision, the regulatory mechanisms of stem cell fates have emerged as one of the promising areas for targeted cancer therapies.
We are particularly interested in the cell fate regulatory circuits governed by RNA binding proteins and cell metabolism, and I would like to share our recent findings on how these factors maintain self-renewal potential and contribute to cancer progression.

1.Hattori A. et al.
   Cancer progression by reprogrammed BCAA metabolism in myeloid leukemia.
   Nature 545, 500-504 (2017)