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セミナー第756回生医研セミナー【理化学研究所 伊川先生】

  • [開催日時]2018年1月25日(木)11:00-12:00
  • [開催場所]生医研 本館1階 会議室
  • [対象]


演題:Transcriptional and epigenetic control of lymphocyte development
(Seminar in English)

演者:伊川 友活 先生 Tomokatsu Ikawa, Ph.D.
理化学研究所 統合生命医科学研究センター
Young Chief Investigator
RIKEN Center for Integrative Medical Sciences


場所:病院キャンパス 生体防御医学研究所 本館1階 会議室
        Seminar Room, Main Building 1F,
        Medical Institute of Bioregulation

要旨:Lymphocytes including T cells, B cells, NK cells and innate lymphoid cells are derived from hematopoietic stem cells. The lymphocyte fates are controlled by lineage specific transcription factors and epigenetic modification. We have recently reported that the epigenetic regulator, the polycomb proteins are important for the maintenance of T cell fate. On the other hand, we have established the culture system in which we can induce B lineage commitment from multipotent progenitors. We are working on the transcriptional network that controls B cell fate using this system. I would like to discuss genetic and epigenetic control of lymphocyte differentiation.

1.Ikawa, T. et al.
   Conversion of T cells to B cells by inactivation of polycomb-mediated epigenetic suppression of the B-lineage program. Genes Dev. 30: 2475-2485, (2016)
2.Ikawa, T et al.
   Induced developmental arrest of early hematopoietic progenitors leads to the generation of leukocyte stem cells. Stem Cell Reports. 5:716-727, (2015)