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例)研究発表 生命科学科

セミナー第140回 臨床化学セミナー【大阪大学 岡本先生】

  • [開催日時]2018年3月13日(火)18:00-19:00
  • [開催場所]総合研究棟 102セミナー室
  • [対象]九州大学・九大病院の教職員、研究員、学生

        Regulation of mitochondrial clearance via the ER protein degradation pathway

演者:岡本 浩二 先生
        大阪大学生命機能研究科ミトコンドリア動態学研究室 独立准教授
日時:2018年3月13日(火曜日) 18:00~19:00
会場:馬出キャンパス 総合研究棟 102セミナー室
Selective clearance of excess or unhealthy mitochondria is a fundamental process conserved from yeast to humans, contributing to mitochondrial quantity and quality control. This catabolic event primarily depends on “autophagy”, a cellular self-eating pathway that mediates transport of cytoplasmic components to lysosomes for degradation, and is thus called “mitophagy”. Defects in mitophagy are associated with a myriad of disorders such as mitochondrial malfunction, neurodegeneration, heart/liver failure, aging, and cancer, underscoring the physiological relevance. Although previous studies have revealed multiple key molecules that establish the selectivity of mitophagy, how cells coordinate mitochondrial clearance and other cellular functions remains poorly understood. Using budding yeast as a model organism, we provide evidence suggesting an unexpected link between mitophagy and the endoplasmic reticulum protein degradation pathway. Possible mechanisms regulating mitochondrial clearance through the heterologous organellar factors will be discussed.

世話人:安川 武宏(臨床検査医学分野、内線5752)