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ナースセンターThe Kyushu University Cardiovascular Medicine Ward is located in the Heart Center on the 3rd floor of the North Wing. It has 37 beds, including 10 beds for the Coronary Care Unit (CCU). The Heart Center is the first specialty institution for heart disease (64 beds) established in Kyushu, integrating the Departments of Cardiovascular Medicine, Heart Surgery and Internal Medicine I (cardiovascular group). A medical team (33 doctors and 53 nurses) possessing excellent specialist knowledge and skills collaborates in diagnosis and treatment on a 24-hour basis, aiming at realizing rapid as well as high quality medical care.

We provide medical care for all kinds of cardiovascular diseases, including ischemic heart disease, valvular disease, cardiomyopathy, heart failure, hypertensive heart disease, arrhythmia and congenital heart disease. For persons who visit our outpatient department on their own decision or upon referral by doctors in private practice, if there is a need for hospitalized examination or treatment, we would offer admission.

As a feature of our department, we have a large number of emergency admissions. Persons who have recovered from the acute phase in CCU are transferred to the Cardiovascular Medicine Ward. After the necessary tests are completed and the future treatment policy is decided, they will be discharged. In principle, these persons will return to their referral doctors or local hospitals to receive outpatient treatment. Due to the nature of certain diseases, some patients may have to visit our outpatient department. For those persons who are receiving outpatient care in other hospitals, we also ask them to visit our department regularly. We keep close contact with the doctors in other hospitals and do our best to provide the best medical care for our patients.

Medical and Nursing Care

Medical care is provided mainly by the attending physician with the cooperation of other physicians. In the absence of the attending physician, such as at night and on days off, medical care is conducted by the physician on duty when necessary.
Nurses work on two shifts or three shifts a day. Nutritional management during hospitalization is conducted by the nutrition support team (NST).(Nutrition Guidance )

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Hospital Room

The Kyushu University Cardiovascular Medicine Ward is located in the Heart Center on the 3rd floor of the North Wing. It has 37 beds, including 10 beds for the Coronary Care Unit (CCU). A standard four-bedded room is equipped with a bed, a bedside cabinet, a card-operated television, a chair, etc. for each patient. Single room (Special Rom D) is also available at extra charges. Please speak with your physician or nurse if you would prefer these rooms.

Special Room D (available on each floor)

Room size:   22 m2
Room charge: 6,300 yen (per day, tax included)
Equipment:   Toilet, shower, television (at a charge), refrigerator (at a charge)
Special Room D is equipped with a shower. If you wish to take a bath, please use the communal bathroom located on each floor.
The bedside cabinet is equipped with a safe (locked drawer) and card-operated television and refrigerator.

病室(特別室D) トイレ(室内) シャワー室(室内)
洗面台 セーフティボックス (引出し上段)と冷蔵庫
What to Bring

● Toiletries
Tooth brush, soap, shampoo, comb, shaver, wash basin, etc.
● Eating utensils
Chopsticks, spoon, cup, etc.
● Clothes, others
Underwear, sleeping wear, indoor shoes (non-slip type, low heel, comfortable shoes), towels, tissue paper, stationery, laundry detergent, etc.
*Sleeping wear can be rented at a price of 70 yen per day (changed 3 times a week in summer, 2 times a week in winter, or any time when soiled).
*All the above articles can be bought at the shop inside the hospital. Please write your name on all your belongings.


● In order that patients with heart diseases, many of whom are on a restricted diet, may enjoy the hospital meals, from this year we have completely stopped using frozen food materials but are using seasonal foods and domestic products. For some meals, we are gradually changing the table ware to earthenware such as Imari ware. The ward staff and attending physicians are constantly keeping close communication to prepare the best diet prescriptions and menus. 
● Breakfast is served at around 8:00, lunch at around 12:00, and dinner at around 18:00.
● Following the attending physicians’ prescriptions, we prepare meals appropriate to the patients’ disease conditions [general meal, infant meal, special meals (heart disease meal, hypertension meal, diabetes meal, kidney disease meal, etc.)]. For other drinks and foods, please follow your attending physician’s instructions.
● For patients taking general meal, they may choose a menu. You will find the menus and methods of placing order on the notice board of the ward. For those who wish to select their meals, please place your order before 13:00 every day.
●Sometimes you may not be able to take a meal for medical care reason, or your meal may have to be delayed due to tests, etc. Please follow the instructions of the physician or the nurse.


●There is no need for attendants. However, depending on the disease condition, family member may attend to the patient, with the doctor’s permission. Please note that attendant’s care at the expense of the patient is not allowed.

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