Organization Chart for Center for Clinical and Translational Research(CCTR)(Target)

  • An organization that provides support to all clinical trials, physician-led clinical research and translational research (TR)
    • Persons with high levels of specialized knowledge, such as pharmaceutical experts, RC, DM, biostatisticians and medical writers, provide support in different areas of research.
    • We have a large number of persons well-versed in GCP who do the work appropriately and smoothly.
    • We strive to strengthen the training system as per “Clinical Researcher Accreditation System” requirements, targeting all persons involved in clinical research, such as researchers, RC, DM, etc.
    • We provide an easily understood and efficient support service through integration of different windows and information sources.
  • Utilization of networks
    • Data center functions can provide complementary and flexible responses because of the tie-up with the Clinical Research Support Center Kyushu (CReS).
    • We have created a clinical trial cooperation mechanism for the entire region in collaboration with the Clinical Research Network Fukuoka (CRNF) for supporting clinical trials.
    • A central IRB set up in CRNF independently of the 8 hospitals of the Prefecture enables rapid and efficient review.
  • GMP compliant Molecular and Cell Processing Center (MCPC) and safety verification unit
  • Strengthening of POC studies (Biological Information Analysis Unit and Non-Clinical Studies Unit)