Advanced Medicine Innovation Center

Advanced Medicine Innovation Center

Advanced Medicine Innovation Center aims at improvement of our country's medical and welfare environment, maintenance and development of the technology internationally competitive and stimulation of local economy, by promoting smooth clinical researches with companies' participation, mediating clinical introductions, supporting clinical studies including clinical trials and training human resources through educational trainings, as an open innovation base which carries out consistently from research and development in advanced medical area to clinical research and clinical study, with collaboration of industry, government and university.

Development of advanced medicine, until now, has been performed divided into sections; researches performed by research institutes of the university or companies, clinical studies by medical clinics. However, there are many cases where new needs or ideas for technical improvement occur in clinical scenes or opinions of the doctors are wanted to the new ideas occurred in research scenes, and the interchange between the two sections has been desired.

An university hospital has a characteristic of integration of two sections. On the other hand, however, it has a big role to play, that is to provide medical treatment to patients as an advanced treatment hospital in the region. Advanced Medicine Innovation Center aims to be a facility specialized in a new target: the practical application of advanced medicine.

This center is established based on the concept of that an integrated facility of research facility and clinical facility is essential for cooperative research by private companies and the university in the medical field.

We would like to maintain and enrich further consultations or contacts regarding cooperative researches by industry and university.