Animal Center

Animal Center

the heart of a mouse
visualized by 3D

Animal Center

the calcified aorta of a rat

Center for Clinical and Translational Research(CCTR) sets, manages and operates CT device for small animals(Gamma Medical-Ideas-made, FX3200) in the animal experimentation facility attached to the graduate school of medicine.

In recent years, the field of medical imaging has been making progress rapidly. Especially, CT for small animals, as a tool for image diagnosis in nonclinical studies, is expected its application not only in medical area but also widely in biostudies.

This CT device enables observation and analysis of localization and movement in a living body (bones and internal organs) noninvasively by means of 3D imaging.

Also, from the perspective of animal rights, it helps to decrease the number of animals used in animal experiments and remove pain.

This center has been trying to establish a system in which this CT device is open for common use by the members of Kyushu University.

When using this CT device, a staff in charge will give a lecture to the person who wish to use and also support technically analysis afterwards.