Research Support Structure

Data Center

MCPC (Molecular and Cell Processing Center)

Data Center of the Center for Clinical and Translational Research(CCTR) plans and performs clinical studies properly and takes the initiatives to develop the environment to furnish the patients with the best medical treatment such as to station specialists in biostatistics, data managers and IT experts.

This Data Center offers necessary supports, mainly registration and allocation, data management and statistical analysis, from clinical studies to clinical trials lead by doctors according to the quality required.

The supports we provide concretely are registration and allocation, support to preparation of protocols, statistical consultations, preparation of sample clinical reports, construction of data base, data input, statistical analysis, etc. and comply with GCP.

Specialized staff, not staff in the clinical scenes, deals with clinical data from the perspective of third person, which improves the quality of clinical data and reliability of the result derived.

We wish our support helps you in improving the quality of clinical studies and offering evidences from Kyushu.