Greeting from the Director of the center

Photo Yoichi Nakanishi

 The progress of medical science in the 21st century has been astonishing. Advances in the basic areas such as molecular biology, genome medicine and medical engineering have been the driving force for this. the causes of several diseases and pathological conditions have been revealed by the advancement of scientific research, and the cure of some diseases considered incurable so far is no longer a dream.

 Against this background, new policies aimed at medical innovations will be implemented in a full-fledged manner under the Japan Agency for Medical Research and Development(AMED). AMED is functioning as an organization that spans various ministries and agencies with the aim of delivering path-breaking medical technologies to the citizens of the country through research and development and nurturing the medical industry into one of the core industries of Japan, by utilizing the country's technological prowess to the maximum extent possible. It is high time that universities also promoted innovations in medical care, breaking the inherent institutional barriers.

 The missions of the Center for Clinical and Translational Research(CCTR) of Kyushu University Hospital is to turn the "dreams about future medical care" into reality. To fulfill this mission, we collaborate with a number of universities located in Western Japan to develop path-breaking and innovative pharmaceutical products and medical equipment. In addition, Kyushu University Hospital has been designated a Core Clinical Research Hospital under Japan's Medical Care Act, and the Center plays a central role in conducting appropriate, high-quality clinical research at the hospital. We would like to march forward, while exchanging views with you, so that we can leave the fruits of such activity for the generations of our children and grandchildren.

 We look forward to your inquiries and opinions on new medical technologies and clinical studies.

Center for Clinical and Translational Research(CCTR) Director Yoichi Nakanishi

Activities of Center for Clinical and Translational Research(CCTR)

Initiatives as a base in the West

Center for Clinical and Translational Research(CCTR) of Kyushu University Hospital supports in various ways digging up and raising "Seeds" excellent enough with a possibility of practical application in the future clinical scenes.
(Seeds: outcomes of promising basic researches in the university, etc.)


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