Department of Bacteriology

Professor : Tetsuya Hayashi

Research Interests

 We are interested in the relation between lives and the environment, between microbes and hosts, and between infection and civilization. We are studying them at the level of molecules, cells , individuals, and society.

Contents of Teaching/Research Themes

(1) Genome analysis of individual strains using NGSs

(2) Large-scale genome comparison at genus, species, or subtype levels

(3) High-resolution, molecular epidemiological analysis of outbreaks by genome analysis

(4) Analysis of microbial communities such as intestinal microflora, by metagenome analysis

(5) Reconstitution of unculturable bacteria by metagenome analysis

(6) Analysis of mobile genetic elements, such as bacteriophages and plasmids, from
      pathogenic bacteria

(7) Analysis of the bacterial pathogen-protozoa interaction

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