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更新日 2018-08-27 | 作成日 2008-03-25

Message from Professor Kanba


Psychiatry involves a wide variety of fields, including Genetics, Neuroscience, Psychology, Philosophy, Sociology, and Culture. Therefore, research topics have naturally expanded to include the understanding and treatment of extremely complicated psychiatric phenomena.
 Throughout Kyushu University's long history, various research groups have been formed and each group has been remarkably successful. Studies have been conducted on psychiatric disorders from infant-child psychiatry to geriatric psychiatry. In addition, research approaches have included Neuroscience, Molecular genetics, Neuropsychiatry, Psychology, Philosophy, and Sociology. The department has confronted the mysteries of the Mind and Brain, and strives to foster excellent psychiatrists who can understand the Mind and Brain, as well as humans and society.
 The department hopes that the first-rate psychiatrist in clinical care, research, and education will become of great help for our patients and their families. The department aspires to create an environment in which each member can work productively under satisfying environment.