September 14 (Sun), 2008
9:00- Registration
10:15- Opening Remarks
10:30-12:10 Session 1
  Yoshitaka Nagahama
“ Sex Determination/Differentiation and Sexual Plasticity in Fish ”
  Manfred Schartl
“ Expression, Regulation and Sex Determining Function of Dmrt1bY in Medaka ”
  Satoshi Hamaguchi
“ Intraspecific Polymorphism of Genes Related to Sex Determination Enables the Rapid Substitution of the Master Sex-Determining Gene in Oryzias Fishes ”
  Kiyoshi Kikuchi
“ The Genomic Region That Determines the Sexual Identity of Fugu (The Tiger Pufferfish) ”
  Michihiko Ito
“ A W-linked DM-W is a Likely Sex (Ovary)-Determining Gene in Xenopus laevis: Implications for the ZZ/ZW-type Sex-Determining System ”
12:10-14:20 Lunch
(13:00-14:00   Editorial board meeting of Sexual Development)
14:20-15:40 Session 2
  Peter Koopman
“ Dynamics and Antagonism of the Testis- and Ovary-determining Pathways during Ovotestis Development in B6 XYPOS Mice ”
  Yoshiakira Kanai
“ Manipulation of the Timing of SRY Activity in Transgenic Mice Defines a Critical Window for Male Sex Determination ”
  Andreas Schedl
“ Rspo1, an essential gene for ovarian differentiation in mammals ”
  Robin Lovell-Badge
“ The Establishment and Maintenance of Gonadal Sex in Mammals ”
15:40-16:10 Break
16:10-17:10 Session 3
  Arthur Arnold
“ Sex Chromosome Genes as Proximate Signals for Non-gonadal Sexual Differentiation ”
  Vincent Harley
“ Genetic studies on transsexualism “
  Kazuyoshi Tsutsui
“ Novel Molecular Mechanism Inducing Sex Difference in Locomotor Activity by 7α-Hydroxypregnenolone, a Newly Discovered Neurosteroid ”
Massage from ‘Editor of Sexual Development’     Michael Schmid
18:00- Poster Presentation
19:00- Reception

September 15 (Mon), 2008
9:00-10:20 Session 4
  Gen Yamada
“ Coordinated urogenital organ formation; integration of growth factor cascades to regulate genital organ formation. ”
  Humphrey Yao
“ To Be or Not to Be: Cell Fate Determination in Fetal Testes ”
  Akiko Iizuka-Kogo
“ Morphogenesis of the Mullerian Duct and Requirement of Dlgh1. ”
  Richard Behringer
“ Genetic Regulation of Female Reproductive Tract Development ”
10:20-10:50 Break
10:50-11:50 Session 5
  Tsutomu Ogata
“ External genital abnormalities as single gene disorders and a multifactorial disorders ”
  Eric Vilain
“ A Congenic Approach To The Identification Of Novel Sex Determining Genes ”
  Gerd Scherer
“ Testis Cord Differentiation Is Independent Of Sox9 But Fails In The Combined Absence Of Sox9 And Sox8
12:00-13:30 Lunch
13:30-14:50 Session 6
  Minoru Tanaka
“ Importance of Germ Cells in Sexual Differentiation of Gonads ”
  David Zarkower
“ Dmrt genes in vertebrate development ”
  Shosei Yoshida
“ Control of Differentiation and Persistence of Undifferentiated Spermatogonia in the Mouse Testis ”
  Blanche Capel
“ Integrating Genetics and Genomics to Elucidate the Transcription Networks Governing Testis and Ovary Organogenesis ”
14:50-15:20 Break
15:20-16:40 Session 7
  Pierre Val
“ Transcriptional Regulation Of Adrenal And Gonad Primordia Development ”
  Serge Nef
“ Sertoli Cell Dicer is Essential for Spermatogenesis in Mice ”
  Ken Morohashi
“ From Tissue Specific Enhancers to Mechanism of Tissue Differentiation ”
  Seppo Vainio
“ Role of Wnt signalling in the control of mammalian germ line ”
16:40-17:00 Break
17:00-18:00 Session 8
  Stuart Tobet
“ Role of the gonad in brain sexual differentiation ”
  Yasuo Sakuma
“ Neuronal migration or survival, but not neurogenesis, contributes to brain sex differentiation in the rat ”
  Takefumi Kikusui
“ Sex difference in response to early weaning is reversed by prenatal androgen treatment. ”

September 16 (Tue), 2008
9:00-10:20 Session 9
  Takahiro Matsumoto
“ Androgen Receptor Functions in Brain Sexual Differentiation and Behaviors ”
  Jon Levine
“ Sexual Differentiation of Gonadotropin-Releasing Hormone (GnRH) Neurosecretory Systems ”
  Hiroko Tsukamura
“ Role of metastin/kisspeptin neurons in Sex difference of LH secretion in the rat ”
  Sonoko Ogawa
“ Neuroendocrine Bases of Sex Differences in Emotional Behavior ”
10:20-10:50 Break
10:50-12:10 Session 10
  Yoichi Matsuda
“ Origin and Differentiation Process of Sex Chromosomes in Birds and Reptiles ”
  Ikuo Miura
“ An Exceptional Frog Proves the Rule of Heterogametic Sex Shift ”
  Midori Matsumoto
“ Identification of Sexualizing-Substance from Sexual Planarian ”
  Jennifer Graves
“ Recent origin of the human sex chromosomes ”
Councluding Remarks;

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