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Neural stem/precursor cells dynamically change their epigenetic landscape to differentially …
Mitochondrial Lon protease is a gatekeeper for proteins newly imported into the …
Clearance of peripheral nerve misfolded mutant protein by infiltrated macrophages correlates with mo
Mitochondrial Lon protease is a gatekeeper for proteins newly imported into the matrix
Mental Health Difficulties and Countermeasures during the Coronavirus Disease Pandemic in …
Development of a dementia prediction model for primary care: The Hisayama Study
Generation of ovarian follicles from mouse pluripotent stem cells(Katsuhiko Hayashi)
BMPR-2 gates activity-dependent stabilization of primary dendrites during mitral cell remodeling
Increased plasma levels of damage-associated molecular patterns during systemic anticancer therapy…
Lecturer Masato Akiyama has received a 2021 Young Scientists' Award for The Commendation of Science
MeCP2 controls neural stem cell fate specification through miR-199a-mediated inhibition of BMP-Sm…
Phase 3 trial comparing nab-paclitaxel with docetaxel for previously treated advanced non–small cell
Machine Learning Based Models for Prediction of Subtype Diagnosis of Primary Aldosteronism Using…
Airflow limitation and tongue microbiota in community-dwelling elderly individuals
Incense smoke-induced oxidative stress disrupts tight junctions and bronchial epithelial barrier int
Role of Intestinal Environment and Cellular Plasticity of Islets in Postpancreatectomy Diabetes
Mitochondrial translation deficiency impairs NAD-mediated lysosomal acidification(Takeshi Uchiumi)
Oh so simple: Eight genes enough to convert mouse stem cells into oocyte-like cells
Mechanism underlying dynamic scaling properties observed in the contour of spreading epithelial mo…
MAVS is energized by Mff which senses mitochondrial metabolism via AMPK for acute antiviral immunity

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