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ex) Medical Sciences
] Prevent the chronic viral hepatitis patients from hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC)
Studies of a genetic polymorphism support the role of bile acids in colorectal carcinogenesis
An Effective Interstitial Radiation Therapy with Few Side Effects for Early Prostate Cancer
Identification of Cellular and Genetic Targets for Hematologic and Allergic Disorders
Patient in Silico
Medical cooperation with Asian countries-Support Indonesia for development of department of medicine
A hormone controls blood pressure -A new target molecule of angiotensin II-
A long run textbook "Toda Bacteriology"
<Tastes of Our Campus> series 2 Picaso Gallery
A bridge between regional medical institutions and Kyushu University Hospital
A new drug departed from Kyushu University will be sold in United States ?
Legionella : A pathogenic bacterium only in civilized countries
Dendritic cell-based vaccine : immune surveillance architecture therapy
Depression, suicide prevention and molecular biology of depression
Capsule Robot for General Surgery
Metabolic syndrome
A large scale cohort study
Pancreas transplantation at Kyushu University
Perioperative defense medicine
<Tastes of Our Campus> series 1 "His living room was an information salon"

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