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2021年1月 開催予定全一覧へ戻る

例)研究発表 生命科学科

セミナー狂犬病ウイルスベクターを用いた海馬の経シナプス標識法【ノルウェー科学技術大学 R. Irene Jacobsen博士】

  • [開催日時]2021年1月12日(火)17:00-18:00
  • [開催場所]Zoom(学外者で視聴を希望する場合はお問い合わせ下さい)
  • [対象]
ノルウェー科学技術大学Moser研究室のR. Irene

演者: R. Irene Jacobsen 博士

所属: Kavli Institute for Systems Neuroscience and Centre for Neural Computation, NTNU, Trondheim, Norway

タイトル: A virus-based method for identifying inputs to a single neuron in mice

日時: 2021年1月12日(火)17:00~18:00
場所: Zoom(URLは前日まで学内メールで配信します。学外者で視聴を希望する場合はお問い合わせ下さい。)

Neuronal firing patterns are the result of a convergence of numerous inputs onto single cells. Elucidating these inputs, both anatomically and functionally, is essential in order to understand how neurons process information. Single-cell electroporation and expression of modified rabies viruses enables precise mapping of inputs to individual cells, but access to neurons in deep brain structures requires invasive procedures, including removal of overlying tissue.

We have developed a method that through a combination of virus injections allows us to target single cells with a G-protein deleted rabies virus and map their monosynaptic inputs without the use of electroporation or aspiration. We demonstrate the use of this method in the hippocampus, identifying both local and distant inputs to single neurons. By expanding the toolbox for monosynaptic input labelling, this method will help further our understanding of neuronal integration at the level of single cells

世話人: 医学研究院・疾患情報研究分野 今井 猛