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Research Units

Vascular Molecular Pathophysiology & Translational Research Unit

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Principle Investigator of the group

Kensuke Egashira, M.D., Ph.D.

Kensuke Egashira, M.D., Ph.D.Dr. Kensuke Egashira graduated from Kyushu University School of Medicine in 1981. From 1983, he was engaged in research on the pathophysiology of coronary artery spasm (development of coronary artery spasm is closely associated with the experimental production of arteriosclerotic lesion), and received his PhD in medical science in 1988. In the same year, he joined the Department of Cardiovascular Medicine at Harvard Medical School Beth Israel Hospital as a research fellow, and was a member in charge of one area of the NIH Program Project Grant. From 1990, he was appointed assistant professor and lecturer at the Department of Cardiovascular Medicine of Kyushu University School of Medicine.

Dr. Egashira has made significant contributions to medical research and education by elucidating the roles of endothelial function in arteriosclerotic diseases including angina pectoris. Furthermore, his research on the molecular mechanism of arteriosclerosis has demonstrated that inflammation plays a key role in pathogenesis. Based on these results, he has designed a proprietary genetic therapy. In recognition of these achievements, he received awards from the Japanese Circulation Society and the Japan Society of Gene Therapy, as well as the Science Technology Award from the Minster of Education and Science. In 2005, he was appointed associate professor at the Department of Cardiovascular Medicine, Graduate School of Medical Sciences, Kyushu University. He has pioneered the breakthrough nanomedicine and is promoting the clinical application of basic research results (translational research).

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