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A greeting from the Dean

kitazono takanari, M.D.,Ph.D.Dean, Faculty of Medicine, Graduate School of Medical Sciences and School of Medicine, Kyushu University    Kyushu University, School of Medicine was founded in 1903 as Fukuoka Medical College of Kyoto Imperial University. It was reorganized as the College of Medicine, Kyushu Imperial University associated with the foundation of Kyushu Imperial University in 1911, and became the School of Medicine, Kyushu University in 1947. Since its foundation, the school has been committed to the education and training of medical practitioners and researchers as well as the advancement of medical research and medical care practices.

   The core mission of our faculty is to nurture medical practitioners, medical care specialists and researchers serving globally. Our faculty members work together as a team to contribute to education that creates superior medical professionals in close collaboration with Kyushu University Hospital. Efforts for curriculum reform are now underway as required for obtaining medical education accreditation. We will take this opportunity to reform our medical education, aspiring to develop a distinctive curriculum for Kyushu University, School of Medicine. In addition, responses to a new system of certification for specialized physicians initiated by the Japanese Medical Specialty Board aiming at providing medical services which are "easy-to-understand for citizens" is also an important issue. There remain diverse issues to be tackled with flexibly in collaboration with university hospital.

   In addition to education, our faculty places as its core mission the advancement of medical research as a research institute. We are seeing ever-increasing research outcomes, showing steady research accomplishments in diverse fields. However, considering the prevailing trend toward university reform, we should not be merely satisfied with the status quo. We have a diversity of excellent researchers in various fields who are committed to the advancement of world-class research. It is our desire to encourage joint research by strengthened interdisciplinary collaboration and to expand our scope of activities outside the university and to the world to pursue world-class research. We will build up a structure enabling proactive support for both basic and clinical medicine and foster an environment for nurturing human assets to lead future-generation medical care and medical study with our distinctive faculty team.

Note) Kyushu University introduced a Graduate school/Graduate faculty system in 2000. The Faculty of Medical Sciences is an organization administering faculty members at Kyushu University engaged in medical education as well as medical research and care which serve the basis of medical education. The Graduate School of Medical Sciences is an organization for the education of graduate school students of medical sciences, and the School of Medicine for the education of undergraduates from the Department of Medicine, the Department of Health Sciences and the Department of Biomedical Science.

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