Research Groups

Department of Clinical Medicine / Reproductive and Developmental Medicine


Professor: Shouichi Ohga  /  

Research Interests

We have continued the immunological and molecular studies to clarify the patho- genesis and pathophysiology of neonatal and pediatric diseases, and to establish the prophylaxis and treatment strategy. This laboratory is currently conducting basic research covering the fields of genetic diagnosis and treatment of inherited diseases, and stem cell research aiming at the application of gene therapy, cell therapy and cell regenerative medicine. Based on the large cohort study, we are also working on the brain research to determine the genetic backgrounds of autism and other neurodevelopmental disorders, and the development of brain function at each growing stage using near-infrared spectroscopy and magnetic encephalography.

Contents of Teaching/Research Themes

  1. Basic research for cell therapy and regenerative medicine. Focus: Functional property of umbilical cord bloods and their-derived mesenchymal stromal/stem cells.
  2. Elucidating the pathophysiology of immuno-hematopoietic and inflammatory disorders. Focus: Inborn errors of immunity and metabolism. Inflammatory diseases including Kawasaki disease and encephalitis/encephalopathy.
  3. Clinical and basic research for the cure of pediatric-onset neoplasms. Focus: Genomic and molecular analyses on the tumorigenesis of pediatric malignancy to identifying the preventive and therapeutic targets to conquer leukemia/lymphoma, solid tumors, and cancer predisposition.
  4. Analysis of brain function and genetic basis of brain diseases. Focus: Brain function and its resilience in preterm infants and pediatric patients.

Pediatric Surgery

Professor:Tatsuro Tajiri  / 

Research Interests

The Department of Pediatric Surgery has both clinical and laboratory research interests. Our goal is to elucidate etiology and pathogenesis of pediatric surgical diseases and to develop diagnosis and treatment for them. We have active clinical investigations in the domestic and international fields of neonatal surgery, pediatric cancer (oncology), pediatric organ transplantation, gastrointestinal dysmotility disorders and endoscopic surgery. We also have interests in laboratory research including analyses of clinical samples and experiments using cultured cells and laboratory animals.

Contents of Teaching/Research Themes

  1. Molecular analysis of malignant potential and development of new treatment for refractory cases of pediatric solid malignant tumors.
  2. Research of etiology and development of new treatment including fetal therapy for neonatal surgical diseases.
  3. Clinical and laboratory research for pediatric intestinal and liver transplantation.
  4. Development of new technique and devices for pediatric endoscopic surgery.
  5. Nation-wide clinical and genetic investigation for gastrointestinal dysmotility disorders including Hirschsprung’s disease and allied disorders of Hirschsprung’s disease.
  6. Basic and clinical trial for reproductive medicine of liver using stem cells.
  7. Basic and clinical trial for reproductive medicine of enteric nervous system using stem cells.
  8. Clinical investigation in developing countries.

Obstetrics and Gynecology

Professor:Kiyoko Kato   /  

Research Interests

1. Gynecologic Oncology
  1. Gynecological cancer stem cell
  2. Gynecological pathology
  3. Mechanism of drug resistance and neovascularization in gynecologic malignancies
  4. Molecular mechanisms of gynecologic cancer development and genomic drug discovery
  5. Development of new cancer therapy
2. Reproductive Endocrinology/ Laparoscopy/ Women’s Health
  1. Endometrial stem cell
  2. Clinical research for infertility and its associated disorders
  3. Clinical significance of laparoscopic surgery
  4. Pathophysiology of climacterium and its treatment
  5. Primordial germ cell
3. Feto/ Maternal/ Perinatal Medicine
  1. Pathophysiology of PIH
  2. Pathophysiology of fetal diseases and their treatment
  3. Fetal CNS development
  4. Mechanisms of villous trophoblast stem cell and differentiation Contents

Contents of Teaching/Research Themes

Research performed in the department includes topics associated with gynecological cancers, endocrinology and perinatology. Various topics are analyzed and dissected by methods developed from molecular and cell biology, pathology and medical electronics. Each topic focuses severe disorders involved in obstetrics and gynecology.