Our department was the first one which dedicates to Clinical Neurolophysiology in Japan andfounded by Professor Emeritus Kato in September, 1982. Since then, he has been studying 1) developed our department as Professor Tobimatsu succeed a chairmanship in December,1999.

  We aim to elucidate 1) the pathophysiology of the various neurological diseases by using EEG,EMG, evoked potentials and magnetoencephalography(MEG), 2) human higher brain function by combaining electrophysiological methods and neuroimaging by functional magnetic imaging (fMRI) and 3) the pathophysiology of the animal models including transgenic mice for the human neurological diseases.

  We would like to collaborate the researchers who are interested in our research fields. Youngdoctors who have an interest in clinical neurophysiology are also welcome to our departmentas a post doctoral fellow.

Shozo Tobimatsu.