School of Medicine


Undergraduate Courses

Department of Medicine (a six-year course)

The Kyushu University Medical School has been established since 1903, and has numerous proud research achievements. Currently, the medical campus is comprised of a medical school, a dental school, a pharmaceutical school, Kyushu University Hospital, and a medical institute of bioregulation. The Department of Medicine provides research and education to support medicine in the 21st century.



Department of Biomedical Science (a four-year course)

The department aims to produce life science research based on human and various model animals, and develop people who will support and further medical knowledge on a global level. For this reason, the course welcomes those who are interested living organisms and their molecular mechanisms, and have a flexible mind and a vigorous curiosity for new research and findings.



Department of Health Sciences (a four-year course)

The Department of Health Sciences was established in April 2003, and aims to develop highly skilled healthcare providers, researchers, and educators who will influence the future of health sciences. Depending on the course you take the Department provides qualifications in: nursing, public health nursing, midwifery, radiology, or medical technology. Undergraduate education is provided by professors from various fields, while practical education is provided by Kyushu University Hospital, which provides cutting-edge facilities. This ensures that you can receive a high-quality education.



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