Greeting from the newly-appointed professor-Tomohiko Akahoshi Department of Advanced Emergency and Disaster Medicine

My name is Tomohiko Akahoshi, and I became a professor in department of emergency medicine, advanced emergency medicine and disaster medicine, graduate school of medicines, Kyushu university since June 16, 2020.

After graduating from Kyushu University School of Medicine in1995, I entered department of surgery, kyushu university. From 2001 to 2005, I studied basic research in Japan and USA. When I went back to Japan, I found that trauma care, especially trauma surgery was in ciris in Japan, because the skillfull trauma surgeons are getting less. Therefore, I transferred to department of emergency medicine and work for trauma care surgery.

Moreover, I have been involved in repeated earthquakes, heavy rain disasters, and the pandemic of the new virus infection. As a disaster doctor, I worked for those disasters.

I understand that it is my mission to train young emergency doctorsin Kyushu University, who can respond a variety of emergent situations.

I also have responsibility to promote a research in the emergency medicine area in Japan for improving the survival rate.