Pioneer of Japanese visceral surgery
Harutoyo Omori

大森 治豊 像

Dr. Harutoyo Omori, the first professor of the Department of Surgery II, Faculty of Medicine, Kyushu University, took his post at the Fukuoka School of Medicine in 1879 when the school was founded. He was a pioneer of surgery for internal organs in Japan. One of his contributions was to introduce 100 cases of abdominal operations in his publication entitled "Description of Heart and Abdominal Surgery-100 Cases" in 1886. In 1888 when the Fukuoka School of Medicine was abolished and Fukuoka Prefectural Hospital was established, he was appointed as its first director.

大森通りモニュメント  Also, working with Dr. Sankichi Sato and Dr. Yoshinori Tashiro, he endeavored to organize the 1st Annual Congress of Japan Surgical Society in 1899. Also he served as the 7th president of the society in 1906. In 1903, when Fukuoka Medical College was founded, he was appointed president as well as the director of its hospital, and held the chair in the Department of Surgery. In 1904, a two-department structure was established for the discipline, with the other department's chair filled by Dr. Hayari Miyake. Dr. Omori laid the foundation for Kyushu University Faculty of Medicine before retiring as president of the Medical College in 1909. His statue was erected in his honor in the Alumni Garden on the college campus, and his distinguished service is still highly admired.

Written by Keizo Sugimachi, Professor Emeritus of the Department of Surgery and Science (formerly Department of Surgery II)