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Pediatric surgery took large steps toward becoming a necessary of children's life

Pediatric surgery of Kyushu University was established at first among national universities in 1979. Our hospital set up “Maternal and Perinatal Center” in 1988,and “Children Medical Center” in 2006 as an annex to Pediatrics and Pediatric Surgery.
Director of the center, Prof. Tomoaki Taguchi says that survival rates of diaphragm hernia is 92% in the recent 2 years, and esophageal atresia is 100% in these 10 years. These results mean very high level of treatment skills. Then the number of cases are greatly increased in recent years as shown in the figure. Now he studies a reclamation technology for pulmonary plastic surgery, a transplantation technology for liver and small intestine, an immune therapy for a malignant tumor and an endoscopic surgery for children. He makes a great point of being a reliable surgeon for mothers.