Gender Equality

Gender Equality

1.  Our policy for gender equality

  • We promote gender participation equality in accordance with the fundamental policies determined by the university.
  • We will deeply keep in mind Gender Participation Equality when selecting employees.
  • Although we promote gender equality, we do not set a quota regarding equal employment, and the final decisions are based on the experience and qualification of the applicant.
  • As of May 2010, female employees make up 24.8% of the staff, and we maintain our efforts in promoting the career development of our female employees.
  • We continue in our attempts to cultivate the promotion of Gender Equality in the consciousness of the faculty staff.

2. Enforcement planning and specific efforts

  • In application materials for hiring staff, we stipulate that there is no gender segregation because we consider employing in the spirit of gender equality, see the URLs of the office of gender equality promotion Career Center for Women Researchers at Kyushu University.
  • We offer information (posters) about gender equality promotion and about harassment to students and staff, and conduct workshops for development.

Efforts for gender equality promotion