Research Groups

Department of Basic Medicine / Social Medicine

Epidemiology and Public Health

Professor:Toshiharu Ninomiya    /  

Research Interests

A prospective cohort study has attracted attention as a useful methodology for elucidating disease etiology among human beings with various profiles of environmental and genetic factors.

We have continued a population-based prospective study of non-communicable disease such as cardiovascular disease and dementia, so-called “the Hisayama Study”, since 1961 in the Hisayama town, a suburb of the Fukuoka metropolitan area on Japan’s Kyushu Island. The purpose of our study is to evaluate quantitatively environmental and genomic risk factors for non-communicable disease in Japanese and to establish effective preventive strategies for non-communicable diseases, in order to realize healthy aging society. In addition, we are also promoting multidisciplinary epidemiological researches linking clinical researches and basic sciences and international collaborations.

Research Themes

Prospective cohort study for non-communicable diseases (cardiovascular disease, dementia, etc.)

Contents of Teaching

  1. On-the-Job-training for epidemiological research
  2. Learning of statistical methods
  3. Training of critical appraisal and interpretation for the results

Oncology and Social Medicine

Professor:Eishi Baba /  

Research Interests

  Using human malignant tumors as a model of research, we are studying molecular mechanisms of onset and progression of the disease and pathology of individuals and conduct research that will lead to the development of diagnosis and treatment for patient populations. In particular, through the analysis of molecular abnormalities that affect the proliferation and survival of tumor cells and tumor microenvironment including immune cells, we focus on identification of new target molecules for cancer treatment and drug-resistance, and mechanisms of tumor suppression by the immune system.

Contents of Teaching/ Research Themes

  1. Human gastrointestinal cancer stem cells
  2. Immune system of the tumor-bearing host
  3. Regulation of immune cells of tumor microenvironment