Research Groups

Department of Advanced Medical Initiatives / Advanced Medical Initiatives

Disaster and Emergency Medicine

Associate Professor :Tomohiko Akahoshi    /  

Research Interests

  1. Development of new treatment for organ dysfunction (ARDS, DIC, Sepsis, Liver failure, AKI)
  2. Regenerative therapy using multifunctional stem cell
  3. Nanotechnology approaches to drug delivery system and molecular imaging.
  4. Development of effective training course in the acute and critical Care.

Contents of Teaching/Research Themes

  1. Elucidation of the mechanisms of organ failure and development of treatment methods in the field of emergency medicine (Regenerative medicine using stem cells)
  2. Development of effective training methods for treating multiple injuries and trauma
  3. Development of medical systems for nuclear and chemical disasters
  4. Basic and clinical application of nano-medicine using polymeric compounds

Geriatric Medicine

Lecturer: Ohnaka Keizo    /  

Research Interests

The interest of our research is focused on prevention and treatment of diseases in the elderly. Our laboratory is currently studying 1) cell signaling in osteoblast, 2) molecular mechanism of glucocorticoid-induced osteoporosis, and 3) molecular epidemiology on life style-related diseases.

Contents of Teaching/Research Themes

  1. Basic understanding and technique in experimental medicine
  2. Basic research on bone metabolism
  3. Research on life style-related diseases such as osteoporosis, diabetes mellitus, obesity and cancer, by genome informatics

Cancer Therapy and Research

Associate Professor: Hideya Onishi   

Research Interests

  Basic philosophy of our research is to train postgraduates to become leaders of scientific clinician or researcher based on immunology in the field of cancer therapy. For this purpose, postgraduates are divided into two groups. One is a group that studies host defense mechanisms against tumor growth through cancer patients themselves (immunology group). The other is a group that studies tumor biology by utilizing cancer cells (tumor group). Each group not only performs own research every day but also learns together by discussing at progress conference held every Monday. This group meeting creates postgraduates of balanced personality who can grasp cancer as patient with cancer. Teachers never tell students to do this and do that. Teachers will teach you through their actions. Let’ enjoy the process!
Subjects of study are as follows.
  1. Development of a new cancer immunotherapy targeting a new immune checkpoint: PTPN3 that we have detected.
  2. Development of a new therapeutic strategy targeting cancer microenvironment including hypoxia,

Contents of Teaching/Research Themes

  1. Induction of dendritic cells (DCs) and development of DCs-based immunotherapy for the management of patients with far-advanced solid tumors including malignant effusions.
  2. Regulation of tumor growth by controlling tumor tissue microenvironment.